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Vodka Redbull Por Favor

August 29, 2009  |  No Comments
“..but late in the evening, the Spanish people they make party about 1 or 2 o’clock in the night...” - Michael the German In the past week I’ve been both thoroughly... Read More

Mustache Fun

August 21, 2009  |  No Comments
As facial hair goes, there’s the full on beard, the 5 o’clock shadow, and then there’s the mustache. I feel as if the mustache gets a bad rap these days... Read More

The Breakup

August 14, 2009  |  No Comments

America, I said it was forever but I changed my mind. Love, neezyP

Some Things You Just Can’t Pack

August 6, 2009  |  No Comments
So I’m sitting here in my apartment in Fountain Valley and I’m starting to pack for the first time for this trip. Which sounds pretty great, but I’ve never gone... Read More

Preview: Chicago

August 3, 2009  |  No Comments
One week in Chicago during St. Patty’s Day weekend and I knew this is what I was looking for in a city! No, Chicago isn’t exactly foreign (one can argue),... Read More
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