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Catch Me I’m Ballin’

December 26, 2009  |  No Comments
When Egill told me that tourism was 7% of Thailand’s GDP, I thought holy moley that’s a substantial amount to rely on for money. The real number is about 6.7%... Read More

Seoulful Christmas

December 23, 2009  |  No Comments
To everyone I’ve met along the way, readers of wheresneezy, and friends back home. I miss all of you. Especially YOU. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Yuletide Tidings! No coal in my stockings Santa,... Read More

Toto We’re not in China Anymore

December 10, 2009  |  No Comments
It all started with opium. See, the British were mad caking on the opium trade to Canton. Until things got out of hand and the Chinese government banned more from coming... Read More

All the Little Things in Yiwu

December 6, 2009  |  No Comments
Sometimes I take for granted that y’all fucks with the shit I post on this blog. I don’t believe that anyone throws some of these destinations on the itinerary for... Read More
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