Travel Tips Part Two
November 14, 2009

I’m getting lazier and lazier but I promise higher quality posts in the future. Until then, here are some tips I accumulated! Enjoy!

• Always pack safety pins and rubber bands. They come in handy in thousands of uses and counting.
• A compact roll of duct tape is also key.
• Before agreeing on a room and price, always ask to see the room first. That way there will be no surprises. Turn on the faucet and shower to make sure the water is adequately hot or cool to your liking.
• When convenient, make sure you get small change (¥1, €1, $1, etc). Sometimes you wanna buy something like a paper cup for water and the guy won’t have change for that ¥100 . Then you’re just a thirsty guy/girl with a 20 bill. You’ll never run into this problem if you plan ahead. This tip is helpful for the subway/metro as well. You don’t wanna have a bunch of coins in your pocket after buying a single subway ticket because you used a large bill and got a bunch of change. The less stuff in your pocket the better. Also, if you manage to bargain a really good price on something, and pay with a large bill, they can dick you by spending 3 million years to find the change for you. They want to keep you waiting so you can check out more stuff to buy from their stand.
• Never. ever. ever. Hand over your passport for someone to keep over a long period of time. Even if it’s to a huge hotel who wants to keep it for the night for processing. There are no circumstances that you should part with your passport. No matter how authoritative someone sounds. You can tell them to make a photocopy if they need to process the information later.
• Keep extra copies of your passport photo with you. I started with 8 and now have 5. A couple countries need them to process your immediate VISA.
• The happy medium for numbers of people to travel is 4, or two couples. Traveling alone you get ultimate freedom. any more than 4 and you get too many ideas of what people want to do, and the group ends up breaking off or people do stuff they don’t wanna do just to stay in the big group. Four is nice because four people can fit into one cab and split the cost, making transportation a lot cheaper. many other things come in fours, like train cabin sleeps 4 at a time. Some hostels have 2 beds per room. Having a whole room for your party is really nice.
• Carry granola bars with you. If you never know what or when your next meal will be, having a couple bars in your bag is a lifesaver and will keep you alive. The bars will keep you going so that you can figure out stuff like how you’re gonna get your next meal.