Let’s Slow Time Down
January 8, 2010

After a three hour boat ride I finally get to Koh Phangnan. Koh means island in Thai. So, the destination was supposed to be Koh Tao (turtle island) but due to bad weather the little that could, could no longer travel into worse conditions.
I didn’t get seasick even though the ride was rather rough. So, Koh Phangnan it was. As soon as the boat docks, Thai people with signs flock the boat with signs in English saying “hotel!” or “taxi”. Some of these peoples jobs are to wait for the tourist boats to come to they can come get tourists to stay at their hotel or take rides with their bus. Some workers represent more than one competing resorts. They just want you to mention their name at booking so they can make their commission. Everyones trying to make a buck here on the unsuspecting tourist. If you have your head about you, it’s easy to see what they’re up to. Thailand is just full of people trying to get you to buy or rent something. It’s a little different of an experience for me, though. I get bothered a lot less because I don’t have white skin. White people I travel with say it’s a blessing that I don’t get hassled for things like rooms, taxi, massage, motorbikes, ping pong show (yea it’s what you think it is), jet skis, etc. But I feel like my money is just as good as everyone else’s and I’m just getting different treatment (read: less attention) than “real foreigners”. I like to blow money as much as the next foreigner, they just don’t know it.

Anyway, I stayed at Coral Bungalows for a night and decided (on a whim) to take a diving course the next day on Koh Tao. This is assuming that the boats could go there the next day. Prayed for a sec for good weather the next day then proceeded to do what there is to do on Thai islands: massages, 60 baht pad thai, mixed fruit shakes, and massive out-of-my-mind partying. Prices on the island are about 1.5x that of on mainland Thailand. Usually I wouldn’t complain since the difference between 30 baht and 60 baht is really $1. But after being in asia for awhile and being spoiled with cheap food, I started bargaining for cheaper prices. I never was so adamant over saving 10 baht (30 cents).
A fishing boat came in at the end of the workday and the fishermen cooked up the fish immediately right on the beach. The fishermen who were feasting on the days catch offered me some as well. It was scrumptious. I never had fish as fresh in my life. In return, I bought a pitcher of Chang beer for all to enjoy together. Island life is just that easy and accessible.

So that night there was a pool party (there’s actually one every night). Pause for a second. I never understood why there’s a giant lavish pool ten feet away from the actual fucking ocean! I mean just get in the ocean people. Party with nature. After a few buckets though, I immediately understood why. It’s the most ballinistic thing in the whole damn world! There was a moment (probably after coming up from underwater because somebody threw me into the pool) that I was in a pool looking out into the dark ocean. I was thinking “man this has GOT to be how Puff Daddy lives.” A rowdy pool party paired with an amazing amazing view out to the ocean, and thereby out to the whole fucking world.

So I guess I should take the time to talk about buckets. In Thailand drinks are bought and consumed by the bucket. The same ones you used to play with in the sand as a kid. But now it’s not for sand but hard liquor and lots of it. You order one and everyone has their own bucket and after awhile people are drinking out of each others buckets. And the buckets are very strong too. They don’t get cheap on you when it comes to alcohol here. They pretty much are buckets of alcohol with a splash of coca cola or fruit juice just for color. All this just leads to buckets fun.