Some Things You Just Can’t Pack
August 6, 2009

So I’m sitting here in my apartment in Fountain Valley and I’m starting to pack for the first time for this trip. Which sounds pretty great, but I’ve never gone on a worldwide trip before so it’s difficult to know exactly what to bring. But whatever, it’s time to finalize the roster on what to bring! Each selection was chosen to help me in my travels around the world. Namely, it has to be highly functional, somewhat light, and finally rugged. This is what I think I’ll need to survive: Of course I’ll be doing the touristy things, but I wanna hear about the clubs or bars that are phenomenal that tourist know little about. And these are the things I can’t pack for my trip. Oh and before I forget. One item all travelers must pack, a PEN! Any pen, cheap pen, expensive executive pens, flat pens, fat pens whatever. I don’t know how many consulates I’ve been to that have zillions of forms and NO PENS. How are you gonna fill out shit with no pen! It’s like the Twilight Zone where the dude has all the time to read now because nobody is bothering him, but like an idiot he drops his glasses and they break so he can’t see to read. I feel like that dude but with pens and forms. So then to get a pen you have to establish a fake relationship with some stranger real quick just to fill out a damn form. Pack a pen. Pack a box of pens. I always feel like I’m forgetting something once I leave the house. What is it? Remind me in the comments!