Preparation is Key
June 25, 2009

Even though it sounds romantic to just one day walk from my cubicle to the car to the airport to embark on my journey, a lot of planning must be done for the trip. In the next month my passport will do some busy traveling, visiting many foreign consulates (India, China, Thailand, South Africa to name a few). With each stop it’ll obtain a visa that will allow me entrance into the country. This is Trang. She’ll be throwing parties at taking care of my apartment while I’m around the world. All kidding aside, I can’t ask for a better person to look after the place I call my real home. Thanks Trang! This is Victor. He’ll be taking care of odd things for me on my behalf while I’m away. It’ll be like reporting back to home base. Thanks Victor! This duo will be holding it down for me proper while I’m gone and I’m indebted to them for all their help.