Mustache Fun
August 21, 2009

As facial hair goes, there’s the full on beard, the 5 o’clock shadow, and then there’s the mustache. I feel as if the mustache gets a bad rap these days (just like fanny packs, but that’s another story). We all know the mustache used to be prevalent in society. The news man used to wear one, and we trusted him. Now, mustaches are found few and far in between and are worn mainly by child predators. I feel the need to change this perception. Chicago, prepare to be mustache-ized!
Anywhoo… I’m here in Chicago and I bought a CTA pass at O’Hare Airport so I can take the train and bus anywhere I please. $23 dollars gets you unlimited access for a week. The first day I used it to get from the airport to where I’m staying. The ride took me through the middle of the shopping area, North Michigan St. It is an OC cougar’s dream. Tiffany&Co, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th are just like back home, but Cloverfield-sized.
But those aren’t the stores I’m interested in. Nope, the stores I geek out over aren’t located in the central shopping congregation. It’s a ways away where the sidewalks aren’t as busy with roaming tourists. A little west of Michigan Ave. You’ll find a little toy store and gallery like Rotofugi. Kid Robot type stores like Rotofugi are all over Chicago, specifically in the Ukrainian Village. I wanted to buy boxes and boxes of those vinyl collectables but remembered that some guy out there is gonna have a bigger collection than me and it’s gonna annoy the shit out of me. So I snapped a few pictures and left.
A lot of the time was spent of course internets, eating. I had Homemade Pizza. You pick it up pre-made and throw it in your oven at home. In about 12 minutes you got a delicious fresh pizza. Socal are you reading this you need to work on getting this ASAP. Arnold, forget the damn budget just work on getting us some Homemade Pizza.
So me and Ivy decided to make our new favorite snack. Vodka soaked watermelon. We chose Svedka because it’s the worst tasting but a great deal. I have provided the ingredients and visual instructions so you too, internets, can enjoy your very own drunken watermelon (mustache MANDATORY):

This is my sixth post. Half a dozen cousin!