Vodka Redbull Por Favor
August 29, 2009

“..but late in the evening, the Spanish people they make party about 1 or 2 o’clock in the night…” – Michael the German
In the past week I’ve been both thoroughly seduced by Barcelona’s nightlife while charmed by Valencia’s extensive collection of street art.
I always thought my sleeping cycle was weird until I landed in Barcelona. I’ve just been living in the wrong place my entire life. In España the locals usually will have dinner around 10PM and then start getting ready to go out at about midnight. This is my kind of city!

For my first night in this vibrant bustling city known as Barthelona, I had way more fun than I had ever predicted. Off an hour of sleep because of the excitement of landing in Spain, I ventured into the city with a few english-speaking people. A few laws were broken, but I successfully boarded a subway train to what I now know was headed towards the beach.
Shôko Club was, naturally, bananas. I realized quickly that since I could not speak Spanish, the only drink I could have communicated was Redbull Vodka. The height of the crowd energy peaked at around 4:30AM and so thats when I stepped out the back for a smoke. The back of the club is a huge patio area with a walkway that opens out right to the beach. I took a few steps away as the electrodance-infused pop music became quieter until only the baseline could be heard. I lit myself with a candle vase from a tapas restaurant table. Walking further, the sand transformed into these smooth rocks that massage your feet as you walk on them. A group of Germans with arms locked sing in chorus together. Suddenly a man strums the guitar gently, only stopping to allow the crashing waves to speak for themselves.
After that calming experience, I flicked the half-smoked cigarette and marched back inside to be at the mercy of Barcelona-style nonstop partying. You could say I had a great time, but that would be like saying Michael Vick was just disciplining those dogs.
I’ll leave you with a “Did You Know…”