Change Clothes and Go
September 3, 2009

“you know i stay fresh to def, boy from the projects and imma take you to the top of the globe so let’s go” – Jay-Z
Hostel One was a nice choice and I’m gonna be sad to leave it and Madrid. Something tells me though, that I will return there one day. Unlike most hostels, it’s clean and has a nice living room area to hang out in. Which is important because sometimes you just need a place to crash after checking out of your room for the day. There’s also a computer lab for people to use the internets. The most exciting thing, though, is having all my laundry done for 4€. I haven’t done laundry since leaving Chicago so having clean clothes to wear is FRESCO!
Speaking of clothes, I spent the last day in Madrid at Museo del Traje. Which I found is a nice choice and perfect for my situation: extremely hung over to the 10th power of the almighty Allah or Jesus. So if you have some time to kill and don’t feel like scratching your head over impressionist paintings, then head down there immediately.
The Museo del Traje holds the only vast collection of both traditional and contemporary spanish garb. It goes all the way back to the time of funny clothing Christopher Columbus wore. it also holds the oldest article of spanish clothing, some rich lady’s pair of gloves. The exhibition is a great display of 300 years of fashion progression in Spain. Also, it’s a great commentary on the evolution of fashion in society.

I recommend the museum to all of you that had maybe one too many the night before. Since clothes are made of textile that wear over time (how old is your oldest shirt?), the museum lighting is nice and dim to preserve the clothing. Also, it has AC so it’s quite nice to be out of Madrid in September weather. It also has something I’ve never seen in a museum before. Every now and then there will be a “Rest Area”. It’s a small room you can go into and take a break from the grueling task of walking and looking at things. I made use of these immediately. This place had three rest areas placed at the convenient locations throughout the exhibit. The special exhibit was on the history of Christian Dior. Now, back to consuming water and crackers. I ain’t never drinking again…. until the next time. Adios!